Diagnostics and Therapy
Spectrally encoded endoscopeSpectrally encoded endoscope
Using a miniature diffraction grating and lens, spectrally encoded endoscopy is capable of high resolution imaging through single fiber endoscopic probes…
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Multi-channel spectrally encoded endoscopeMulti-channel spectrally encoded endoscope
Image quality and functionality of spectrally encoded endoscopy could be improved by using separate illumination…
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Imaging blood flowImaging blood flow
Flow cytometry techniques often rely on detecting fluorescence from single cells flowing through the cross section of a laser beam, providing…
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Bispecific cell fusionBispecific cell fusion
Bi-specific gold nanoparticles and femtosecond pulses are used for fusing between specific types of cells. Read more about specific cell fusion
Nano-manipulations of cancerNano-manipulations of cancer
Using gold nanoparticles and femtosecond pulses, we induce necrosis, apoptosis and fusion of cancer cells.
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Pulse-nanoparticle interactionPulse-nanoparticle interaction
Experimental study of the interaction between gold nanoparticles and femtosecond pulses.
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The Biomedical Optics Laboratory, headed by Prof. Dvir Yelin (PhD), studies the applications of advanced optics to address some of today’s clinical challenges. Main research projects include the development of minimally invasive diagnostics tools and novel therapeutic approaches for cancer with minimum toxicity and side effects. See more projects
Blood microscope

Imaging blood flow

Red blood cell imagingOptical microscopy of blood cells in vivo provides a unique opportunity for clinicians and researchers to visualize the morphology and dynamics of circulating cells, but is usually limited by the imaging speed and by the need for exogenous labeling of the cells. Here we present a label-free approach for in vivo flow cytometry of blood using a compact imaging probe….
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